Vision to Value
Through Project Execution Perfection

Most visions fail to reach maturity and achieve value not for lack of hard work, but because organizations lack focus, discipline, and the proper people to bring it to fruition. Projects are continually unable to meet the organizations needs managers apply more process and technology to no avail. Based on decades of experience, eCameron helps you look at issues and solve systemic problems that hinder your progress.

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Project Rescue

eCameron started as a project rescue company. Even though project rescue is still core to our business, creating successful projects from the start is far more exciting. We use all of our lessons learned to turn around a wayward project or prevent future disasters.

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Strategy Definition, Alignment, and Implementation

One of the primary reasons projects fail is because most or all of the project is not aligned with the organization’s strategy. Unfortunately, a well  defined strategy sometimes does not exist. eCameron will not only help you define it and do risk analysis, but we will also help you implement it.

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Project Definition & Governance

eCameron will help you define and setup the correct level of project governance to ensure that your projects are properly defined and monitored throughout the project lifecycle.

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Capabilities Assessment

To run repeatedly projects successfully you need the right mix of people, process, a then technology. Without that, success can be difficult to find. Every group in your company or organization needs to understand the direction, have the right people, and use the correct level of process for each and every project. One size does not fit all.

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IT Assessment

Nowhere is project failure more apparent than in technology projects. Core to this is your IT organization. Determining the gaps between what they can do and what your business needs, often takes an audit by an objective third party. Let our executives help you determine the gaps that need to be filled.

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Project Health Checks and Audits

“How can a project become a year late?  One day at a time.” Fredrick Brooks’ simple statement is so correct. Many start well planned and with the right team. As times progresses, though, your strategy can drift so can your project goals. They rarely drift in the same direction. Health checks and audits can determine whether the slow drift is taking your project toward the edge of failure long before it happens—giving you time to make course corrections.

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Education, Workshops and Keynotes

It seems like you never know enough. Be it formal training, mentoring, or coaching; maybe it is a workshop or a presentation, we have trained hundreds of people on how to avert project failure, change their processes, and look at your organization and projects differently.

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High Risk Project Management Services

Although our goal is to make you independent of our services, there are times when you simply need more help. Maybe it is for a high-risk project or one that is too critical to fail. We can step in and manage your project with you using our Executive PMs or provide senior PMs through one of our partners.

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Project Success

Failure is not an option. Project success is core to everything eCameron does. Without it, you will continue to struggle to turn your vision into value. To that end, our executive consultants provide services in the form of Service as a Product (SaaP), training, and consulting to help you build your organization’s capabilities.

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Our Servies

eCameron provides fixed-price, list price (service as a product), and time & materials services that help you prevent project failure.


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Since making projects run better is all about educating people, we have a full range of Keynotes, Workshops, and classes to help you company, organization or Project improve.

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