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Rescue The Problem Project Internationally Acclaimed Bestseller!

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Rescue the Problem Project Internationally Acclaimed Bestseller

Rescue the Problem Project by Todd C. Williams. A must-read book for your business, school, or in private life.

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From Germany:

"Todd Williams' book 'Rescue the Problem Project: A Complete Guide to Identifying, Preventing, and Recovering from Project Failure' is a welcome and much-needed aid to help rescue and re-align struggling and failing projects. It is a very valuable resource for anyone working in project management. Regardless of whether or not the own project is on its way to glory or doom...."

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From Italy:

"After reading Todd Williams book it couldn't be clearer - to recover a failing project strong teams are required. People are projects and Williams shows this time and again as he provides real-life examples of problems and how-to resolve them..."

"People are projects and Williams shows this time and again as he provides real-life examples of project problems and how-to resolve them. Having spent his career dealing primarily with red projects, his experience is palpable and his knowledge extensive. Reading his book is like being paired with the best mentor around and I read it like I do good fiction; totally absorbed..." Read More...

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From the United Kingdom:

"By the time I was half way through the introduction I liked Todd Williams. I liked his way of thinking, his faith in project management and in people, and his ability to tell stories. I was sold on the idea of a book telling me how to rescue a problem project, even though I wasn't working on one..." Read More...

"Anyone reading this book must first face the uncomfortable truth that most projects have issues, and in many cases this will lead to the 25% failed projects claimed by the author. Like any issue, recognising you have a problem is the first step to dealing with it..." Read More...

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From Australia:

"Whether you are a seasoned project manager or at the beginning of your career, this book is for you if your project is in the ‘red’.
With 25 years of project recovery experience, Todd C Williams has successfully broken down the project rescue process into four well-defined stages that..." Read More...

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From the Canada:

"In my opinion, this book is an absolute 'must-have' on the bookshelf of every project manager.
If you've worked on a project that was in trouble, then you will value Todd C. Williams' insights into both the human and technical sides of project failure..." Read More...

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From the United States:

CIO Magazine: "According to Williams, two-thirds of all projects blow deadlines, go over budget or don’t deliver as promised. This book aims to give you the tools you need to recognize a failing project and determine what you can do to salvage it, starting with..." Read More... "Turnaround specialist Todd Williams has worked with many companies rescuing failing projects. In his new book, Rescue the Problem Project: A Complete Guide to Identifying, Preventing, and Recovering from Project Failure he reveals an in-depth, start-to-finish process that will enable you to finish the project successfully..." Read More...

PM Boulevard: "If the result of the negotiation is to continue the project, it needs to be reset to the definition phase. It now has a scope of work, tentative timeline, potential resource list, initial risk register, and..." Read More...

Quality Digest: "Rescue the Problem Project (AMACOM, 2011) leads readers through a step-by-step process of investigation, negotiation, and action. It starts with what Williams calls "step zero," the prerequisite to success: the realization, particularly on the part of the project manager, that a problem exists and needs solving. After..." Read More...

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