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Are you an event planner looking for more information about our keynotes, presentations, webinars. workshops, and classes? Most of our keynotes, track sessionsclasses, and workshops are posted on this website. There are many that are not since we don't numerous custom education sessions for clients. If you feel that something posted on the site is close to what you want, please contact us and we can see if ti logically fits with what we offer.

We also have a complete page of references. You can contact us and we will give you the names and contact details for event-planner references doing events like yours. 

You can reach us at +1 360-521-9051. As for Todd Williams. 

Following are videos of various full-length keynotes and presentations for your reference. 

Extreme Leadership keynote (2019)

Back From Red keynote (2011)

Visualizing Change Track Session (2012)

This technique is also used in visualizing change, change management, and infographics and visualizations workshops.

Vision to Value track session (2014)

$305 Million Failure (2015)

This is the general layout of any of the "What would you do?" sessions

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