“Todd is one of the most outstanding speakers I have had the pleasure of hosting and would highly recommend him for any speaking event.”

Leslie Young, Event Organizer
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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“We were successful with our ERP replacement initiative due, in part, to your presentations on running successful projects. In particular, the presentation Cover Oregon, What Would You Do? opened my eyes to create an atmosphere of accountability, need to continually define and adjust for achievable scope, and manage the team to a “forced march” toward completion with a focus on “what can be done” and not trying to do everything. Thank you.”
Russell Boedeker, CFO, Bookbyte.com
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"My favorite speaker of all time! ... You made the audience feel engaged and important. People’s faces lit up when they could share their knowledge and experience."
Raynette Yoshida
Institute of Management Accountants

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"I've been following Todd for years. It will be good to see him again. ... Being an entrepreneur, like Todd, I am constantly in search for new work opportunities and I believe he can give me a few pointers."
Charlene Draine
Attendee and Event Organizer
SeaDrain, L3C

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"Mr. Williams obviously knows how to make projects successful, the art of capturing the audience, and the needs of a meeting planner. What else do you need?"
Lisa Harper, Event Organizer
Premier Event Management

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Internationally Recognized

The eCameron team is internationally recognized and routinely called upon as thought-leaders by companies and organizations to help execute initiatives successfully. Its team has completed workshops in North America, United Kingdom, and EMEA and book more every daily.

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Presentations and workshops for your organization

The eCameron team can help your company or organization draw attendance, involvement, and money through interactive keynotes, educational track sessions, and fun workshops. Whether you are attracting executives, finance, information technology, or project managers, we have a topic that will excite them.

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“The content and organization for this presentation were outstanding. I especially enjoyed the observations and solutions that Mr. Williams drew from his professional experiences.”

Patricia Myers, Attendee
Senior Instructional Designer & Project Lead
Oak Grove Technologies

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“He had our attendees engaged and discussing the topic. We were all part of the presentation. It was very refreshing to have a presenter that is animated, knowledgeable and involves the audience.”

Kate Milani, VP Programs
PMI Northeastern Wisconsin

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Vision to Value: Executing Strategically Focused Initiatives

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Leaders define the vision. A business turns vision into value. It still takes a team of executives, managers, project managers, and individual contributors to drive the projects that build the capabilities to transform businesses. Ergo, projects are the enablers for turning vision into value.

The Vision to Value keynote is geared toward helping executives, finance leaders, technology leaders, and project managers understand what is required to enable the organization to share and stay focused on the company's goals, hence, reducing waste, increasing productivity, and decreasing waste.

To achieve this an entire team of people must build value-driven organizations that are seasoned yet adaptive, structured yet agile, pragmatic yet innovative. It is not a simple feat, but four basic tenents allow you to do this:

  • Strategy to meet corporate goals drives all of your work.
  • Work cannot start until the people to complement the strategy are in place.
  • Processes need to fit the individual projects (not too lean, not too heavy, and sized for each project).
  • Technology is only a tool to improve efficiency—it is only a means to an end.
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To start down this path you must:

  • Print and read your corporate strategy.
  • Map all projects to that strategy.
  • Focus on the top three corporate initiatives.
  • Build a laser-focused plan.

These steps provide the core elements to help you build and lead a powerful organization that provides value, accelerates business growth, and is a strategic component of your company.


The Vision to Value keynote shows the importance of and defines the tools to:

  • Define the core businesses activities that support the corporate vision.
  • Build strategy maps to define each business units’ goals.
  • Assemble the right organization with the proper people.
  • Implement the correct level of process to efficiently monitor and control progress.

Customize to Your Theme

This is a 60- to 90-minute keynote presentation.

This keynote is tailored to the type of audience—executives, finance people, technology people, or project managers. This ensures the message makes sense to the audience.

This concept can be lengthened out into a 4- or 8-hour workshop. Read more about the Project Alignment Workshop.

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