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Project Health Check

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Projects never go bad overnight. It takes time. They slowly drift away from the baseline. Maybe it is a change request that goes undocumented, or a series of tasks that run a little late, or an over-optimistic employee not realizing they are in trouble, or misinterpreted communication. They all add up over time and are very difficult to detect while in the heat of the delivery. It often takes an experienced outsider who is removed from the history and politics to see the issues and make the recommendations that will keep a project on track. The Project Health Check does just that—keeping your project healthy.


  • Independent and unbiased view of organization and project issues identified at their root causes.
  • Proactive actions to address issues at their root causes reducing the chances of reoccurrence.
  • Identification of potential mitigations for risks.
  • Expert visibility and insights that will assist in ongoing sponsorship, governance, and execution of projects.
  • Coaching and mentoring from resources with experience in a wide range of projects.

What it consists of:

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Periodically, on a mutually agreed schedule, we analyze nearly thirty aspects of your project throughout its lifecycle. The resulting assessments are grouped into six major classifications to give you a clear and concise picture of your project to understand how to correct any issues.

For a complete description and pricing, read the product description.

This offering is sold as a product without the need for complex service agreements and statements of work. Refer to our Service as a Product Terms and Conditions for more information.

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